December 5, 2008

Project #4

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My Video

On YouTube

So I did my video on my cats.  Over time I had a bunch of pretty cool videos of my cats catching flies, jumping off trees, falling down the stairs, etc.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find those footages so I decided to work with what I had from my digital camera just to show how much I adore them!  I don’t have any kids, but these are my babies!  And by the way, the fat one is a girl and she weighs about 20lbs 🙂

November 7, 2008

Project #3

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Underwater Page

For project I decided to do a theme on underwater.  I posted up pictures from various underwater things…

October 24, 2008

Project #2

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Project #2: Cambodia’s Struggle

I had a bit of a struggle trying to think of a theme for this project.  Soon enough, my uncle came back from his visit from Cambodia.  Many of the pictures seen here are actual photographs; either I’ve taken them on my visit last year, or I borrowed some from my uncle (others I Googled).  I chose a subject that’s a bit depressing but concerns me more than anything else: poverty, human trafficking, and the Pol Pot regime which revolves around Cambodia.  Although, I was born and raised in the US, my parents are from Cambodia.  As metioned earlier, I went on a visit there for the first time last year… my trip wasn’t entirely depressing, actually, I had lots of fun!  But there are things I wish I could change too…

September 12, 2008

Assignment #4

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This is an ad for all the anti-Obama Republicans out there.  Although I do not agree with the ad, I think it has done a good job protraying Obama as an evil doer than anything else.  The way his head is positioned, depening on how you would look at it, can be precieved as confident or proud.  This poster makes him seem more cocky than anything else.  Also, the logo for Obama is used in the word Snob rather than in Obama.

This is just a picture I found promoting Obama and the democratic people.  It shows that Obama hard at work in his office next to the American flag, although… the phone is upside down!

Assignment #2

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The book we are currently using for class, “Digital Art,” Christiane Paul describes digital art through images from various artist and a detailed description of each.  In the Introduction of the book, Paul went to detail about computers and who invented what during what time.  I honestly thought it was boring but it gave me a better understanding of Chapter 1: Digital Technologies as a Tool.
Paul explains that through technology, it enables artist to manipulate photos or images into anything they wanted.  What caught my eye in the chapter were the billboards of Bollywood posters advertising their latest movies.  Artist, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, who focuses his works on politics and gender roles, portrayed a message in “What will people think?” that women in movies who are rebellious tend to give themselves bad names while the men are more admired.  The poster was obviously a real poster for bollywood but was altered to portray the artist’ message. 
In the chapter Paul explains that  in the technology “…the individuality and voice of an artist does not manifest itself in a direct physical intervention.”  Although, digital art still has a high form of individuality, as mentioned earlier it manipulates to gain these certain individuality.

August 22, 2008

Assignment #1

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I created this artwork entirely from Microsoft Word.  I used word art for the most part.  I love combining things that seem as though they shouldnt be together.  In this work, for example, ying yangs are known to have black and white or good and evil combine smoothly together without clashing.  Blocky letters would probably be the last thing you would use for “smooth” but I did it anyway!… Instead of using colors, I texted in evetyhing using Good and Evil as an alternative.



December 5, 2008

Project #4

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 My Video

August 20, 2008

Hello world!

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